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Golf Full Swing Practice Drills: Bring You In The Game

13 de Septiembre 2013

The golf full swing is made up of several related movements (or positions) that together form a unified whole. These movements include the backswing, the downswing, impact and follow through. Every one of these movements work together to achieve a successful golf shot. To fully develop your full swing, you should incorporate practice drills that hone each movement.

The following are a few of our favorite golf practice drills for each of the movements of the full golf swing.

Backswing Synchronization Drill

BENEFITS: Synchronizes hands, arms, torso, shoulders and hips in backswing. Establishes proper body rotation, rhythm and tempo throughout the full swing. .
1.Take a longer club. Set up with butt of club in center of chest. Extend arms and grip the club down the shaft.
2.Slowly take backswing to hip level with club head, hands, arms, torso, shoulders and hips synchronized. Return to starting position and repeat drill to ingrain feeling of synchronized turn in backswing.

Downswing Transition Drill

BENEFITS: Encourages complete backswing and aids transition from backswing check more to downswing in full swing. Establishes good impact position, weight transfer and follow-through throughout the full swing.

1.Perform drill at half-speed pausing at key checkpoints. Tee up ball, make full backswing and pause at top of backswing for 2 seconds.
2.Check that full shoulder turn 90? hip turn 30 to 45? left Check our website arm straight; 80% of weight is on inside of right foot; right knee flexed.
3.Initiate downswing by shifting weight left which leads the hips, arms and shoulders to unwind through impact.
4.Swing to finish position.

Impact Bag Drill

BENEFITS: Emphasizes proper impact position and feel of solid impact in full swing. Establishes good body rotation and weight transfer throughout the full swing.

1.Place an 鎼僲pact bag?or golf bag on ground at point of club face to ball impact. Assume and freeze impact position. Press against bag to feel resistance.
2.Take club back halfway until butt of club faces target line; hold 3 seconds.
3.Initiate downswing slowly, synchronizing hip rotation and weight shift to impact.
4.Freeze impact position.
5.Repeat steps 1 through 4 for 10 repetitions.
6.Once complete, hit 10 range balls; repeat 鎼僲pact drill?if necessary.

Follow Through Split Hands share here Drill

BENEFITS: Promotes proper release of club and good weight transfer. Helps eliminate slicing the ball.

1.Grip a 5-iron with left hand in normal position and right hand several inches down on the grip.
2.Make small full swing practice swings with hands reaching hip level in the backswing and downswing.
3.From impact to follow-through, emphasize the feeling of right hand rotating over left hand.
4.Ensure the toe of club is facing upward in backswing and follow-through.