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HEALTHFUL TIPS: Get Educated NOT Medicated

08 de Septiembre 2013

Hello again,
Many of us think we are healthy and well by our lifestyles. Yet of the many hundreds of clients I have seen in my profession, only a few tell me their daily nutrition and appear to be on track, however even fewer of these are telling me 100% of the daily nutrition and wonder weeks later why their health has decreased.
Have you ever wondered why you seem to be unhealthy even though you think you’re eating the best food, or doing the hardest workouts in the gym? Many of us have been misinformed or are simply uneducated toward holistic nutrition.
I received an article from a health professional that will remain nameless.
The article began addressing the benefits of gastric ballooning/ banding and liposuction. It sincerely vexes me that health professionals around the world are promoting artificial, short term, bandaid solution, so called remedies to thousands of people struggling with their weight. These methods are merely dealing with the symptoms of an unhealthy lifestyle. Why do we think that we can fix our health in such a short term? There are serious elements missing in the use of such methods and I am here to educate you further as to why you should address the root cause! Some doctors will make thousands of dollars commission by simply introducing the specific weight loss surgery model fifa 15 hack online to clients.
However, I believe the article to be misinformation. I am sorry if it comes across offensive. I am passionate about root cause health! I have been educating and training many of clients some being seriously overweight people and I will insist on real nutritional education over drugs and weight loss surgery.
You need to address what you eat, when you eat, how much you eat and most importantly where it comes from. Much of the food supplied to the western world is artificially produced. The soils are so nutritionally depleted. The growth method now includes toxic chemicals that are used to feed the soil, so the plants can absorb the nutrients needed to grow, so that our livestock can eat food to get fat!
We want fat livestock and not fat humans…Yet we feed ourselves the meat and vegetables that grow on soils that have been made to artificially grow through toxic chemical.
Compounds that have been created in labs!
Let me ask you: do you know what these numbers mean?
202, 211, 270, 330,160a, 415, 476, 507, 412, 401, 402
Answer: 202: Potassium sorbate. 211: Sodium benzoate, 270: Lactic Acid,
330: Citric Acid, 160a: carotenes – alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, gamma-carotene ,
415: Xanthium Gum, 476: Polyglycerol Polyricinoleate, 509: Calcium Chloride, 412: Guar Gum, 401: Sodium Alginate, 402: Potassium Alginate, 950: Acesulphame Potassium, 951: Aspartame, 952: Calcium cyclamate
These could be random numbers… If the number has an “E” in front, it is an artificial. These are the additives and preservatives that are in your daily nutrition: like margarine, bread, juice, milk, pasta sauce, soft drink! And believe me.. They go into the thousands. You will find numbers up in the 1400s and 1500s. Do you know what affect these preservatives have on your internal functionality? Some of the numbers may be somewhat helpful in some way to your health. I certainly don’t know them all and shouldn’t have to.
You see then, the biggest issue (pardon the pun) for many fallout shelter hack tool people this day and age isn’t just a lack of fitness but also a lack of knowledge and education when it comes to healthy nutrition and sustainability. As a health professional I believe and promote a holistic approach to a complete and sustainable lifestyle. Health professionals should be educating clients and patients toward a holistic and complete lifestyle through adequate nutrition and exercise. I firmly believe that education and not medication is the key to an optimum, sustainable health and wellness.
So, do you know what you’re eating? Next time you go shopping look at the ingredients of what you buy on a daily basis and then research what you are eating. Its complex and sophisticated…And it’s not good for us. These chemicals have been put into the foods for many reasons; to preserve the look, texture and taste, so that the prices can be lowered, the product can be mass produced and a string of other marketing benefits can be achieved.
Unless you buy everything from an organically certifiable market place from toothpaste and shampoo to chicken and vegetables… You will be absorbing many of these numbers.
and then there is SURGERY!
I don’t agree with any benefits gastric ballooning/ banding or read more lipo-suction has for the body. People will refuse to address the root cause of this worldwide obesity epidemic and so use expensive and artificial methods which are not long term solutions and can cause serious health issues later in life. These methods are simply addressing the symptoms of unhealthy living; obesity, Type 2 Diabeties, raised cholesterol, heart disease and many more. I cannot and will not support any use of weight loss surgery and implore you to rethink your strategy. I believe many of us are living a bandaid solutions profession and I am appalled that such methods have become the norm.
Why do health practitioners insist on delivering second rate answers for first rate health…Human health…Not animals, however unknowledgeable humans may be, human life has never been so compromised and neglected as we progress scientifically. Man made drugs, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy. I’m not just talking about weight loss. I’m talking about overall health and wellness. I truly believe that to study as a nutritionist, dietician or a nutritional psychologist in with possible other options like biochemistry to become the new doctor, the new GP to go to when needing advice. When it comes to real, long term overall health and learning about our bodies internal function from a cellular level. We are made up of billions of cells, why don’t we address our cellular health. They are after all the life source that has created us as humans. Some of our daily decisions are creating adverse effects on our health.
A simple example below: a smoker who eats junk food and has a highly stressful job
-If you’re a smoker, the chances of multiple health deficiencies and not even that distant in the future are increased far greater, E.g. heart disease.
-if you don’t eat healthy organic nutrition, the chance of multiple health deficiencies will be greatly increased. E.g. increased fat (visceral) on the organs, high blood pressure
-if you have high blood pressure and don’t address the root cause, the chances of multiple health deficiencies are far greater. E.g. heart attack, stroke…
We are living in a quick fix society and are unwilling to address the reasons/root cause for our inaccuracies of health!
Take note…And take care
Daniel Clementine