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Healthiest Dry Cat Food - Is There Such A Thing?

14 de Septiembre 2013

Trying to find the healthiest dry cat food is liable to lead you down a blind alley.

Admittedly dry cat food is very convenient to the person providing the food. Things don鎶?come much easier than opening up a packet. But as you are asking the question, I know you鎶甧 not necessarily looking for just ease.

You鎶甧 also looking for a healthy and nutritious food for your cat.

Can you get that from dry food?

Let鎶?examine one of the ingredients of a typical dry food.

All dry food has a long shelf life. Despite the label on the packet, this can only come about with some form of preservatives. And the pet food industry uses some pretty toxic preservatives, that would never be allowed in human food. Do carbolic acid, ethoxyquin and formaldehyde sound harmless to you?

That鎶?what many (possibly all) dry cat food contains.

The reason the packet can claim otherwise, is because the manufacture may not have put the preservative in themselves. It may have been the food supplier who put it in. So appnana cheats the manufacturer can legally claim 鎼塷 added preservative? because they didn鎶?add it themselves.

Whether or not they put it there is irrelevant to you in your search for the healthiest dry cat food. Toxic preservatives are toxic regardless of who added them.

Another claim is that vitamin E is used as a preservative.

That may be true. But the amount would most likely have to be in such high amounts as to be totally unnatural to your cat.

Any isolated vitamin or mineral is always in a synthetic form. Apart from the fact that your cat never evolved to eat synthetic this more details website nutrients, or in high quantities, nutrients need to be in combination with their co-dependent nutrients.

This is only possible if the source is a whole food.

Even the healthiest dry cat food is liable to cause your cat some serious health problems.