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Your New Face – A Result of Isometric Facial Exercise

12 de Septiembre 2013

Performing twists, puckers, frowns and funny faces that claim to be facial exercise that you find online via YouTube will not guarantee you the dramatically younger looking face you thought you had lost forever.
Disappointment prevails and discouragement sets in when you try these hit #LINK# or miss expressions. The movements may look compelling but in most cases the results are random, if at all, because twists, puckers, contortions and funny faces do not adequately contract the underlying muscles and muscle groups so they can shorten, lift and reposition to a more youthful look.
Muscles in the face are vastly different than the muscles in the body. First of all, they’re smaller but a most fascinating fact is that they are connected to bone only on one end whereas muscles in our body connect to hinges, joints and bone on both ends. This means that when you contract muscles in the body this assures you will sculpt and tone wayward muscles that bulge, making you look dumpy or fat. The hinges and joints act as anchors that create contractions.
The facial muscles require special anchoring techniques because only one end of the muscle is connected to bone in our skull but the other end attaches to another muscle or directly into the skin. This means one must artificially “anchor” the muscle and muscle groups in order to achieve the type of contraction sufficient to enhance your face. This is why twists, pucker, contortions and funny faces cannot and will not change the shape and contour of your face.
Anchoring is performed with your thumbs and fingers. Holding or anchoring the muscle and muscle groups will assure you that a powerful contraction will occur; these isometric contractions work quickly to produce results to shorten, tighten and lift the wayward muscles. This type of lifting assures the user that youthful contours return to the face.
Your skin will appear more radiant and alive; the action of the exercises releases nourishment into your skin so that it feels thicker. The lifting, tightening and shortening of the muscles and muscle groups repositions and contours every angle of your face and neck. From the inside out you will feel – then see the results of isometric facial exercise.
One very interesting aspect of using facial exercise as a natural facelift is that exercise is natural so there is no cutting, suturing or using anything that would otherwise harm your beautiful face. Also, when you choose exercise, your friends and family will easily recognize you, eliminating all awkward moments that can occur when a face has been surgically altered or pumped full of chemicals via a syringe.
Another feature of using facial exercise rather than modalities that can harm or maim is that your confidence level will soar because you will feel and see results almost immediately. Whether your forehead is slack, your eyelids hooded or your jaw line is lumpy, facial exercise can correct the cause of aging , that is, the sagging muscles that make your face look tired, elongated and out of shape.
One recent testimonial that came from a nine week user stating she had randomly tried several facial exercise techniques offered online but without measureable or noticeable results. It dawned on her that if she truly wanted #LINK# her face to appear younger, she must follow a proven and tried method. She vowed to stay with the new routine, take the starting and subsequent photos that would either prove or disprove her theory. Her results spoke volumes regarding the efficacy of using facial exercise and she expressed great pleasure that she was ready to face her sisters and relatives at an upcoming reunion. Being the oldest of four daughters, she believed her face looked years younger than her sisters and so did they.
One facial exercise devotee wrote regarding her experience says, “I went #LINK# recently to a Beverly Hills Beauty and Health Fair and a girl from a plastic surgeon’s office was putting a lotion on me and noticed how great my facial tone was. She even called over the plastic surgeon to touch my face. …I had her first touch my cheek and she said, ‘I first noticed it actually in your neck.’ I showed them my wrinkle free, smooth forehead also. The plastic surgeon at first seemed skeptical and cocky but he soon changed his tune. I will always be indebted to facial exercise for helping me stay youthful.”
Easy to learn, easy to execute and proven results will return the youthful face you thought you had lost forever.