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Indonesian Shamanic Strategies of Fasting & Austerities

08 de Diciembre 2013

Fasting and asceticism are imperative routines within Javanese Kejawen and shamanism–specifically Indonesian shamanism. Greatest of the unconventional and one of a kind powers figured out within just Indonesian occultism are based mostly on the mastery of this sort of disciplines with their innumerable kinds and variances. One more essential component that really should not be ignored within the acquisition of All those occult powers is the experience of the acceptable timing these types of as the acceptable thirty day period and working day which magickal rites and disciplines are in the direction of be started, and this is intrinsically connected with the Javanese calender; this continue to, will not be dealt with inside of this post for it is outside of its scope. We will fundamentally attention upon the innumerable variances of fasting and the austerities carried-out inside of Javanese mysticism/occultism.

Fasting as a religio-non secular prepare is recognized the global in excess of by means of ground breaking and historic cultures. Originally, fasting was the outcome of the inaccessibility of foodstuff and suitable nutrition inside of the confront of absence and poverty. It was later on followed through the non secular/shamanic neighborhood for magickal and devotional needs as it was discovered in direction of present absolutely sure fascinating achievement psychologically, biologically, and metaphysically. The historic grimoires, either japanese and western, are crammed with rituals that want fasting as a preparing for the get the job done.

Progressive researches upon fasting exhibits that the train achievement inside exercise and inside of a regeneration of the actual physical overall body after performed rationally and not carried into extremes. Fasting maintains just one’s health and fitness as it presents the required take it easy towards the digestive organs.

In opposition to the magickal frame of mind, fasting is made up of an occult effects upon possibly thoughts and system. Shamanic fasting variations the polarity of the bodily human body and furthermore boosts its vibrations, generating it delicate toward the magickal frequencies imperceptible in direction of the 5 senses. It in particular sensitizes the autonomic worried course of action creating it a wonderful receptor for obtaining psychic impressions that are disregarded by way of the nerves of the central worried process.

Psychologically, fasting induces a sure borderline nation developing the head inclined in direction of info fed into it inside of the sort of affirmations, mantras, and prayers, and as a result bettering unconscious remedy in direction of the content offered. Fasting in the same way orients the brain in direction of the spirit inside of manufacturing it conducive for interior attunements and communications in the direction of just take House with the Cosmic Thoughts and the diverse intelligences crafting It. The improved vibrations of the system, cleansed of all poisonous make a difference throughout fasting results in it potential for the attractiveness of guaranteed designs of spirit beings that frequently would not appear into end proximity toward us due to the fact of the noxious affluvia that we emanate. Indonesian shamanism urges one particular in the direction of instantaneous upon a single’s natal working day (in accordance in the direction of the Javanese calender) in direction of gather a lot more electricity and in direction of increase the partnership with one particular’s dad or mum angel and what they make contact with the “4 spirit brothers.”

There is no denying that fasting assists the etheric entire body in direction of acquire cosmic electric power, specifically each time completed within just conjunction with the pertinent metaphysical routines. With out bodily diet, the overall body is compelled in the direction of create the electricity it wants throughout some other channels. Though followed as a every month teach, fasting unfolds psychic sensitivity.

As a non secular willpower, fasting teaches 1 in the direction of chorus versus greed inside all of its unattractive varieties. It is a convenient reminder of the injunction of the Understand Jesus: “in the direction of be within this entire world, still not of it.” Fasting, at the time accompanied with contemplation and non secular reflection, Motives rewarding modifications inside of 1’s psyche. By means of fasting towards the factors of this planet just one would identify your self getting nourished through the Divine Spirit, as Mother nature hates a vacuum. A person would turn into a “god-eater” where by actual physical nutrition gets to be superfluous. This is, of study course, Extremely an progress level.

Fundamentally talking, in the course of the time period of fasting/austerities one particular need to chorus towards manufacturing detrimental queries, thoughts, and functions and should really be busily engaged within non secular operates. It is a period of introspection and the acquiring out (within) for the divinity inside of us. One particular’s issues should toward be saved at a lofty issue. If the fasting is identical in the direction of a magickal ritual, the meditation or mantras of the energy should in the direction of be performed or recited in the course of the instantaneous. The objective of the abstention of food stuff and consume should be affirmed and shocked on the unconscious intellect ere the graduation of the ritual alone.

Inside of Javanese mysticism, fasting is typically carried out in the course of absolutely sure weeks of the Javanese calender, these types of as the thirty day period of Sura, as these kinds of weeks are viewed as conducive towards religious routines. Fasting moments are in between 1–40-times. Auspicious times in direction of proceed just one’s fasting versus the Kejawenese place of watch are Kliwon-Tuesday, Legi-Wednesday, and Pahing-Thursday. Fasts/austerities should towards be preceded by way of a holy clean/ritual cleaning, as this places a person into the acceptable body of head–apart versus its other metaphysical gains.

Throughout fasting and the conducting of the austerities, one particular would indubitably working experience different varieties of temptations, visions, and actual physical pain that would thwart 1’s initiatives. This is partly the final result of the human body elemental’s protest versus the self-discipline imposed. Given that of its puerile and irrational character, it will not settle for a little something that would disappointed its schedule perform.

Fasting and austerities delivers out the worst in just us on to the look–and this is in truth a blessing as we would be produced conscious of all the neurosis, psychosis, and complexes lurking in just the psyche that demands our interest within just the artwork of transmutation. All those darkish factors are always projected on to the awareness in just the varieties of hallucinations and illusions. This is a single of the alchemical ranges symbolically mentioned by way of the mages of outdated. Any time All those varieties take place 1 need to realize what they signify or interpret their symbolical character. Understanding what they are is the to start with action of getting to be rid of them, of which would for that reason produce it much easier for the empowerment of one particular’s psyche and the expanding of a person’s magickal electricity-point. It really should be claimed that even while these types of blocks are eradicated, 1 nonetheless includes the useful resource of the challenge lying deep inside in just our non secular forgetfulness and divine ignorance. They are which includes tentacles belonging in the direction of an unseen creature which if not killed, refreshing limbs would type. Sad to say, we are digressing; this subject matter goes past the scope of this Offer short article.

A single detail further must be outlined: historically, we are knowledgeable that inspirations, visions, and intuitive impressions of worthy of takes place against 1 am in direction of sunrise. It is stated that for the duration of this time period the impressions emanate against a divine useful resource. At other nocturnal times they subject forth towards the unconscious head or versus spirit beings of the small planes.

At the final decision of any ritual prompt or austerity it is a tailor made inside of Javanese occultism/shamanism toward supply a because of-providing consisting of yellow rice, glutinous-rice porridges, culmination, and so on.The practitioner would invite close friends and family in direction of the feast.

Underneath are optimum of the techniques of fasting and austerities as taught within just Kejawen. We incorporate deliberately remaining out the layouts of the remaining-passed way:


In just this prompt just one may perhaps basically consume white rice without the need of something else in the direction of move alongside with it. Not even salt or other condiments. Mutih is a tasteless supper. 1 may possibly probably effortlessly try to eat simple bread advertising no salt contains been more in the direction of the dough. Within just the mutih quick just simple mineral drinking water is permissible towards meet up with a person’s thirst. 1 could take in various moments a working day however with the pointed out diseases or the moment a working day as potentially selected within just the magickal ceremony.


In just this quick just one may possibly simply try to eat vegetarian foodstuff. Meat is towards be comprehensively prevented. Fish, eggs, and animal goods are not in the direction of be eaten inside of this fasting treatment. It is permissible in direction of try to eat 3 periods a working day. This quick is truly the refraining against having animal daily life-sorts.


This instant/austerity is a cessation of all subway surfers cheats organic functions. A person could possibly not try to eat, consume, get hold of out of the home, or have interaction inside sexual functions. Snooze should really be lessened. One particular need to if possible reside inside of a person’s place for the selected period of time–the natural way for 24 several hours. In the course of the twilight and night time several hours, the place really should if possible be without the need of bodily illumination. The space by itself should really be dim. Inside this austerity it is permissible in the direction of check out the WC (observed within just other sections of the property), in contrast to the subsequent unachievable self-discipline.


Such as the about, one particular may perhaps not try to eat, consume or have interaction inside any sexual actions. Inside of addition, just one may well not snooze, choose out of the place, or include any actual physical illumination all through evening several hours. A single incorporates towards be inside in depth seclusion within just a dim house. If just one is made up of the organic urge towards discharge any squander in just includes in direction of be completed within just the place–a person with a lavatory hooked up in direction of it would be a fitting level for this austerity. Based upon the requires of the magickal ceremony, this austerity could work for a time period of 24 several hours, 3, 7 times, or excess.


This is a lighter variety of the over 2 austerities. A person might not consume or consume for the specified period of time. A few hrs is the most snooze permitted. A single could stroll outdoors of the Room.


This is a comprehensive instantaneous in opposition to sunrise in the direction of dusk. Anytime a single breaks the immediate inside the night, one particular may possibly simply just eat culmination–almost nothing else! This is a fruitarian self-discipline. It is permissible for just one in direction of take in as considerably as most popular therefore extended as they are of the exact same sort–bananas, for example. The other severe disciplines of the about this sort of as seclusion, no slumber, do not put into action within just this austerity.


This is a instantaneous versus eating a thing that would induce a emotion within just the tongue. Inside other phrases, the variables that a single eats or beverages need to be tasteless. It is very similar toward mutih unless that a single is made up of a additional wide range of food stuff towards pick in opposition to: for illustration, the tasteless diet plan biscuits . . .


Basically edible leaves are consumed and undeniable drinking water drunk inside this austerity. Other food items and fluids are not permitted toward be eaten.


Ngepel signifies “fist-total.” Within just this instantaneous, just one eats a one evening meal a working day and simply a hand-finish of rice is authorized or except indicated by means of the expectations of the magickal ritual; 2 or a few fist-total may perhaps be authorized. A exceptionally extremely hard quick as a few times may possibly be demanded toward comprehensive it.


Merely chilly, tasteless food and beverages are consumed and drunk within this prompt–a few occasions a working day, if oneself will.

Monday-Thursday Prompt

This instantaneous is frequently finished at the selection of the other patterns of fasts. Upon Mondays and Thursdays just one would chorus versus having and ingesting against sunrise in the direction of dusk. It is not sure if this instantaneous originates with Islam, as this faith way too teaches it.


This is a extensive instantaneous–the abstinence of meals and beverages–for a period of time of 24 hrs. Just one must additionally not slumber for that 24 hour time period.

Other Austerities


No bending of the legs (i.e. no sitting down) for 12 hrs versus sunrise in direction of dusk.


Non-close strolling against midnight in direction of 3 am. This is a season for introspection.


This is Really an exciting austerity. Lots of incorporate found out abnormal sensations taking place within just their system as a final result of this self-discipline. The course of action of Kungkum is therefore: one particular incorporates in direction of submerge your self bare inside of a sitting down stage up in direction of the neck at the mouth of a river the place 2 minimal rivers satisfy. 1 is made up of towards facial area versus the currents. The pertinent destination and location should towards be discovered just before starting off this austerity–the currents ought to not be far too highly effective and the sand-mattress flat. The earth must be calm with out other human beings lingering pertaining to. Started out within just the center of the night time, Kungkum is in direction of be carried-out for the specified time period by way of the magickal ceremony which may perhaps be 3 hrs or even further. Unwanted towards say, this requirements loads of educate. A person should not drop asleep despite the fact that carrying out the Kungkum as this would be unsafe–just one should not even shift as this would get over the motive of the austerity. Ahead of moving into the river a single incorporates in the direction of get the job done a ritual cleaning. Whilst within just the authentic act of submerging into the drinking water the soon after mantra should in direction of be recited:

“Putih-putihing mripatku Sayidina Kilir, Ireng-irenging mripatku Sunan Kali Jaga, Telenging mripatku Kanjeng Nabi Muhammad.”

The eyes need to be close, and the hand crossed more than the upper body. The human body’s reduce orifices as well should in the direction of be shut (potentially one particular with a plug intended out of cork) and the respiratory controlled appropriately.

The Kungkum self-control is generally carried-out for a time period of 7 consecutive evenings. It is specifically enlightening within just amassing magickal pressure.


Within this austerity 1 meditates with the toes up inside of the air with the mind pointing downwards. The toes could possibly be supported by way of a wall or one particular may perhaps do any similar yoga asana for this. Far more state-of-the-art solutions takes a person in direction of cling your self upside down upon tree branches, which include bats. Just one really should not test towards sway or movement whilst placing therefore. Bodily, the continuous physical fitness of this self-discipline allows the practitioner in direction of establish the energy in the direction of regulate the breath–towards chorus versus respiration for several hours at a period. This austerity is accompanied via the Ngrowot fasting tactic.


Ngeluwang is viewed as in direction of be a terrifying austerity that definitely assessments 1’s braveness. Diverse magickal powers are reported in the direction of be uncovered in the course of the continual coach of Ngleluwang this kind of as clairvoyance and the electrical power in direction of producing a different watch illusions. Within just Ngeluwang 1 is made up of in direction of destination on your own within a enormous gap dug for the rationale, if possible in just a graveyard or inside of a tranquil spot, and in the direction of keep on being there for the selected time period–obviously 24 hrs. The very simple organic demands of the overall body these kinds of as diet may perhaps be catered in direction of. Whilst putting on out this austerity a person may perhaps confront numerous temptations and scary visions. Prior to moving into the gap, the mantra listed here should in the direction of be recited:

“Niat ingsun nglowong, anutupi badan kang bolong, siro mara sira mati, kang ganggu marang jiwa ingsun, lebur kaya dene banyu krana Allah Ta’ala.”

In opposition to the descriptions of the patterns of fasting and austerities earlier mentioned, it can be observed that they are not basic in direction of execute. The Those of our modern-day occasions deficiency the fortitude as as opposed with the more mature hundreds of years; consequently lots of do not very own the powers that their ancestors exhibited.

Today, with the materialistic orientation and everyday living-structure, folks be expecting immediate powers without the need of also a lot work. When sure powers may well be learned for the duration of a transference of electrical power, Individuals are not the specifically exclusive kinds as made use of and shown as a result of the renowned heroes of previous, and may well be momentary in just character relying on the method made use of and person potency of the channeler of the electrical power. Possibly we will offer illustrations of magickal rituals of occult-electricity acquisition that will make seek the services of of this sort of shamanic fasting inside long run articles or blog posts.

Simply because Kejawen or Javanese mysticism, and common shamanism contain been impressed substantially by way of Islam, it would be optimum suitable toward in depth this short article through promoting the designs of fasting (identified as “saum” or “siyam” inside Arabic. Lit. “self-handle”) as enjoined through this faith.

Effectively, Islam categorizes 2 types of fasting: necessary and non-required. The mandatory instantaneous is component of the 5-pillars of Islam, which is the necessary fasting time period within the thirty day period of Ramadan. In this article we listing the models of fasts:

The Ramadan Immediate

This is the immediate carried-out for the total thirty day period of Ramadan. Islam does not persuade in kill shot bravo hack online depth fasts these kinds of as taught inside shamanism, therefore there is foods use nonetheless inside of the several hours selected. The Ramadan instantaneous starts at sunrise and finishes at dusk–approximately 12 hrs. Food stuff and beverages may possibly be eaten at any hour other than the 12-hour sunlight period of time.

The Quick of King David

This non-necessary instant is reported in direction of consist of its origin with the Hebrew King. Muhammad The Prophet, lucky is his standing, is intended towards include explained that between the non-required fasts, the prompt of King David is the most straightforward. This is recorded in just the Bukhari and Muslim hadith, or recorded sayings of the Prophet. The strategy of the quick is identical in the direction of the just one finished within just the thirty day period of Ramadan until that it is accomplished each other working day–immediate a single working day, chill out the upcoming.

The A few-working day Prompt

This instantaneous is carried out just about every thirty day period of the Arabic/Islamic calender for a few consecutive times. The process is as the Ramadan quick. The least complicated dates in the direction of move forward this is upon the 13th, 14th and 15th. This immediate is non-required.

The 6-working day Prompt

This instantaneous is performed for 6 times, if possible consecutive times within the thirty day period (Syawal) just after Ramadan. Together with the necessary instant, no nutrition is taken versus sunrise toward dusk. This is a non-mandatory immediate which includes the previously mentioned.

The Arafah-working day Instant

In direction of individuals who are not relocating upon the pilgrimage toward the Ka’ba, the Arafah-working day instantaneous is proposed for cleaning and the attaining of benefit. It is carried out upon the 9th working day of the thirty day period of Zulhijah. This non-necessary prompt is meant in the direction of wipe one particular’s sins built within just a 2-calendar year time period–the calendar year prior to the quick and the calendar year the moment.

The 8th-working day Prompt

A different one-working day immediate is the one particular performed within the thirty day period of Zulhijah, simply a working day previous in the direction of the Arafah-working day instant.

The Tasu’a and Asura Instantaneous

This immediate requires location upon the 9th and 10th working day of the thirty day period of Muharam.

The Al-Baidh (Finish Moon) Instant

It is recorded that the Prophet liked fasting within just this interval and advised other people towards do thus. This is a 3-working day instant all through the entire moon.

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