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Don't Start Mexico Export Import Business Until Asking These Five Questions

21 de Agosto 2013

Don’t Start Mexico Export-Import Business Until Asking These Five Questions

A Mexico export-import business is one of the best areas of international trade in which you can get involved. But before taking that step, don’t line rangers hacked version start yours without asking these five questions:

1. How do I learn what to sell? If you do not have a clear idea and a strong knowledge of your product and the markets that you would like to sell in, then you are doing yourself and your business a great disservice. Of course, learning the ins and outs is a tall order if you do not know where to get started. The best place to acquire the knowledge you need is at the Mexican consulates or embassy. There, you will learn what industries are performing well, and which are not. You will learn about reputable products and manufacturers, and can leave with the full knowledge of what it takes to get started.

2. How do I keep share here the legal requirements in check? First of all, start with the taxation department in your country. You want the government to be your ally in the journey to get your business off the ground. Therefore, make sure you have a registered tax ID and are prepared with the knowledge you need to be seen as a legitimate entity. Furthermore, some of the products you are hoping to sell may have specific licensing requirements you need to follow (though many do not). If you wish to sell higher risk items such as alcohol, then there will probably be an extra set of guidelines that you need to adhere to.

3. Does Mexico hold any embargoes with the country in which you are doing business? Embargoes are trade barriers set forth against certain countries that actually prevent you doing business with that country. And remember, in the Mexico export-import business, the road travels both ways. If there is no embargoes against Mexico in your country, that does not mean there are no embargoes against your spidermanunlimitedhackcheatz country within Mexico’s borders, so it is important to check with Consulates and the Embassy.

4. Will customs brokers and freight forwarders enhance or detract from your business? Customs brokers are experts at navigating the paperwork that can hold your product up, cause delays, or impose fines. Freight forwarders make it their specialty to know ahead of time which products have specific shipping requirements that must be followed. Either service is greatly beneficial to the Mexico export-import small businessman, who may not have the time and ability to handle all these things themselves.

5. Have you and your vendors arranged the appropriate payment terms? Work with the manufacturers or vendors that you are doing business with to arrange the most beneficial payment terms that will ensure both product delivery and proper payment processing. A letter of credit is an agreement, vouched for by a bank or proper financial institution, that will ensure product does not change hands until funds are verified, protecting you whether you are the importer or the exporter.

Once you know to ask the right questions, it becomes easier to build a successful Mexico export-import business that can lead to both financial independence and creative freedom.

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