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Golf Apps For Iphone

10 de Septiembre 2013

For golfing enthusiasts who own an iphone, and are looking for great apps to download onto your phone, there are several out on the market today. Although smaller than a handheld gps golf tracking device, these iphone apps are just as high in resolution and quality, plus, they will cost much less than purchasing a gps tracking device for the golf course. However, before going out on the course, make sure that the iphone is fully charged, because a couple of these apps will quickly eat away at your battery life, and keep your phone in power-save modes while out on the course. Although there are free apps, they are not nearly as great in quality, so here are a few which are fairly priced, and great to use out on the course.

The Golfshot: Golf GPS for iphone ($29.99) is a great app to consider. It features aerial views, and offers the best in class stats tracking and graphing for the iphone. The app automatically creates more information the best color graphics for fairways (left or right), greens in regulation, putts per hole, sand saves, and other stats. Users can zoom in with the “truepoint” touch for targeting distances, have shot distance tracker, auto handicap calculator, and targets and hazard distances.

The GolfLink Game Tracker GPS ($14.99) is another great app sold for the iphone. It features an easy to use interface on the course, a power saver control (for longer time out on the course), a stats pack and graphing device, over 18,000 free course databases (US and Canada), a shot distance tracker, and an integrated “my game” feature, allowing usesr to get emails, track scores on facebook and twitter, and view their progress.

The GolfLogix GPS ($39.95 per year) is another choice for golfers. It features a shar, easy to use interface, offers aerial views giving you a great look at each hole, and offers a summary screen showing disatnace to the center of the green, layup distance, and distance to hazards on the course. It also has a scorecard, allows you to easily measure shot distances, and stats captures and graphs a number of different stats (fairway hits, greens in regulations, and green hits).

The View Ti iphone golf GPS ($24.99) xbox live code generator offers great featuers for golfers. There are over 17,000 stored courses in over 30 different countries. There are four different versions of the app to choose from. Not only is the app a competent rangefinder, it also offers a great digital scorecard utility. It shows the user distances from their location to the hole. There are two zoom options from 50 or 100 yards from the green, the touchscreen cursors offers a great view of distances, you can measure shot distances, and you can print out an emailed scorecard.

No matter what xbox live code generator level of golfer you are, there are several golfing apps for your iphone. Although there are free apps, they don’t compare to the paid for apps, plus, they are fairly cheap considering the quality and range they give you on the course.